Turning ideas into solutions…

Put simply, we help organisations to understand problems, generate ideas and find solutions that enable successful business change and digital transformation.

We use creative techniques to explore problems and understand the desired outcomes of change initiatives. We then use analytical thinking to evaluate and validate options before converging upon the optimal solution. We practice Visual Thinking throughout as a means to creating a shared understanding of both the problem space and solution space.

We also have the practical know-how to support the implementation of change through continuous analysis & design and agile delivery management practices.

Our Culture

Always ask ‘why?’ and then listen...

At Scarlett Solutions we believe that in order to deliver effective business change you must first understand the problem that you are trying to solve. We are never afraid to ask ‘why?’ and pride ourselves on being humble enough to listen and take on board the wisdom of others. Our hands-on, collaborative approach allows us to rapidly discover the problems that organisations face and then identify effective solutions to them. We believe that success is achieved through hard work, trust, mutual respect and a pragmatic approach founded upon practical knowledge and ‘real world’ experience.

Grant Wright - Principal Consultant